I have always loved clothes and choosing what to wear. I am self taught in sewing, my motivation being the customization of fit and style of second hand clothes. When the shortcomings of mass produced fashion became apparent to me as a teenager, I turned to thrift stores and vintage fabrics for materials and inspiration, altering the pieces I found and eventually making things from scratch. I learned about the construction of clothes through clothing deconstruction and experimentation.  I love putting together unexpected combinations of colourful clothes, and I love seeing others do the same.

I graduated from the University of Manitoba with my Bachelor of Human Ecology in 2007, majoring in clothing and textiles. To clarify my points of reference, the goal of Human Ecologists is to improve the quality of life for individuals and the global community, solving problems through education, value reasoning, and an ecological perspective. I took interesting courses in textile science, the social and psychological aspects of clothing, economics and globalization of the industry, and practical courses in pattern making and clothing construction techniques, gathering much relevant information.

Aside from clothing design, I have a strong passion for tattoo art. Tattoos are a big part of my life as a co-owner of Rebel Waltz Tattoo with my husband Don, the closest creative force in my life. (He makes tattoos and I collect them. It works out well.) I find myself inspired by his work, and tattoo art in general. There are tangible connections between creating clothing and tattoos, such as the use of needles, colour, design, and shape to adorn a body. And while tattoos are permanent, clothes you can change every day, to suit whatever mood strikes at that moment.

In my work I help people clothe themselves ethically and expressively. I’ll teach you how to sew what you want, or make something for you. I solve individual fit problems by customizing patterns. I solve textile waste problems by repurposing materials and using old clothing where I can. I make my own designs as well as cooperating with outside constraints. I strive to make clothes that the wearer will love, something that is expressive, that fits, and is suited to the individual who wears it.