Who I Am


The clothing work I do is inspired heavily by vintage styles and techniques. I would like to carry through to our modern times the care put into vintage garment production and fit. There is a quality of materials and construction that is lacking in most current “disposable” factory made clothing. The larger the market, the less customized the styles and fit become, which can be very limiting to most of us. I think it’s important to (if you can) invest in quality products that will last the test of time, spending a little more at the outset to save money and waste over time, OR learn to increase the lifespan of your wardrobe by adding sewing skill value. Innovate ways to update your wardrobe and continue using your textile waste.

The clothes I make are one of a kind, a mix of the styles and fabrics of yesteryear and modern times. I prefer to make something specifically for an individual’s body, because we are all different shapes and sizes, a fact that should be celebrated. When a garment fits an individual properly both physically and stylistically, it puts that person in the best possible light.

I am working to improve the textile world to better suit an individual’s needs and communicate values.  I support and encourage ways of living that reflect self-sustainability, environmental and social responsibility, consideration of both past and future worlds, and free expression of your personal aesthetic.