Clothing RevolutionOctober 30, 2013

Life is a balancing act, isn’t it? Within a framework of limited resources and given circumstances, we all must work to give attention and care to the things that matter most to us. If you are clear about your values, it is easy to prioritize. In terms of the larger world, there are competing interests in business, environment, and humanity, just as in your personal life, work, family, and self-care may compete for your attention. As chaotic as my life seems to be, I am always striving to order it, organize it, streamline it, simplify it, and edit the unnecessary.

I run an alternative clothing business that values individuality, humanity, and environmental sustainability, over the mass-produced, corner-cutting, profit-making values of most current business models. Large companies are only fluent in the language of money, so consumer dollars are your most powerful tool in communicating with the industry. I believe everyone has specific individual problems with mass produced clothing that require a specific solution. And I believe too much money is spent, globally, on things that don’t do the trick (not only in the clothing industry). Perhaps you will become empowered to utilize alternative methods in dressing yourself and your family.

I am very excited to launch my new internet space, in which I can show all the best parts of the work I do. What I will show you here is mainly about my textile work, but subject matter will spill over into other areas that I believe are connected, and will hopefully appear shiny, thought-out, and relevant to the larger world. Sewing and design are my chosen methods to express how I believe we should take care of ourselves and the earth.



  • admin, November 15, 2013

    I am beyond excited, Ashley. Thank you so much, for your contributions and your support! xo

  • Ashley Nicole, November 07, 2013

    Andrea, the site looks so amazing. Can't wait to see where your talent takes you! xo

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