Dance Costume in CompetitionSeptember 12, 2015

Earlier this summer, I completed a custom made dance costume destined for the National Pole Dancing competition in Toronto. Virginia brought me a drawing of what she was looking for, and I did my best to recreate it, within the costume constraints that the competition outlined in the rules and regulations. Things to consider were the amount of coverage in key areas, such as cleavage, side boob, and bum (shorts no higher than a 60 degree angle and a minimum 1″ inseam required). Very specific guidelines!
After I sewed it up, Virginia embellished it herself with swarovski crystals along the seamlines and edges, to really make it stand out on stage. Good team work :)
Here is the finished product!


The photo credit for the dance picture goes to Melanie Webster Photography

Click here if you’d like to view Virginia’s dance routine, which she choreographed herself. The costume really looks great on stage, and I was amazed by her incredible flexibility and strength. She won bronze in her division. Way to go!


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