Experiments in DenimSeptember 17, 2014

Lately, I have been enjoying working with and experimenting with heavy denim fabric, noticing how it wears and ages, as well as experimenting with a wax surface treatment for waterproofing.

If you recall my experience this past year with the Me Made March challenge, seen here, I was inspired to make myself some custom denim overalls. After learning what works and what doesn’t in heavy denim work wear, I used my experience to construct a second pair of jeans, addressing all the issues made apparent in the first pair. You can see them brand new and unworn here.

As promised, I have an update, to demonstrate the individual wear patterns in unwashed denim after six months. You can see where the fabric folds when I move and bend, like a personal movement fingerprint. jeans front
You can see the areas that are pushed out by my round parts (bum and knees) are more evenly lightened with wear, and the areas that bend in (front hips and back knee) continuously crease in the same lines.
jeans back

jeans knee

jeans side1
The seam lines also become more obvious with wear, as abrasion will primarily affect the highest point of contact.
jeans side2

Other experiments in denim include a waxing treatment that renders canvas or denim fabric waterproof. I made this custom denim work apron for a local tattoo artist (a birthday gift from his sweet wife!), and offered the waxing as an option.
Before wax:apron1



wax set-up:
wax process:

(My apologies for the colour/sheen in the pictures. Photography is hard!)


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