Handmade recycled sock snakes and memory quiltsJanuary 6, 2015

Happy New Year!! Onward and upward!

Now that the gift giving season has happened, it is safe to make public some recent projects of mine. Some excellent ways to make use of old clothes and socks!
I didn’t take progress pictures of the snakes, but all you do is collect a bunch of worn out socks with holes in the heels, cut the top tubes off, and sew them together. Stitch the face together with an intact sock toe (and felt scraps and buttons) before adding the body pieces, and stuff it with filling. I refrained from using fabric scraps to stuff them like I did with the Log Draftbuster because I correctly predicted my children using them to swing around and hit each other, and the fabric scrap stuffing ends up being quite heavy and hard. I opted instead for the softer, lighter store bought polyester fibre fill (still made from recycled materials!) to prevent injuries.
These quilts were commissioned by a woman to give to her sisters as Christmas gifts. She brought me a bag of her late father’s clothing to cut into squares and piece together, and bought some soft natural flannelette for the backing, forming a blanket of material memories to cuddle under on a cold day. It took some thoughtful deliberation to make the colours and textures look random but balanced throughout the quilt. I LOVE this idea of passing down meaningful materials metamorphosed into a new and usable form, and I’m so glad to have been able to do this job for her and her family. The beautiful thing about these memory quilts is that they are as individual as the person providing the clothes, and expressive of that person’s taste. I would like to do more simple patchwork like this to properly use and display special fabrics. Please contact me if you have a bag of meaningful materials in need of transformation!
Here are the various stages of transformation. Two quilts required 200+ squares cut!






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