Me Made March 2014March 8, 2014

Me Made March 2014 is in full swing! This is my second year participating in this personal pledge to make more thoughtful, sustainable clothing choices. The goal of this project is to encourage people to sew their own clothes to wear, support local fashion designers, and wear second hand for the entire month of March. It serves in raising consciousness about the origins of our clothing, and the social and environmental impacts of overseas, factory production. There are workshops held in Winnipeg where people can learn to make their own things to wear, and internet posts sharing handmade outfits. Check out Sew Dandee, a Winnipeg clothing store committed to local, handmade, sustainable products, which also offers sewing and crafting workshops. Join us in this yearly challenge!

Last year, my personal pledge was to wear at least one handmade piece of clothing, and the rest of my outfit to be thrifted. (I did not count underwear or outerwear in this challenge…) I really had fun with this challenge and soon discovered that my most plain basic clothes were the factory made pieces that I was boycotting. It forced me to be creative in combining the many random pieces that I would normally offset with my jeans or something black. The resulting outfits were quite vintage influenced, and my most colourful and interestingly patterned ones. You can peruse them in the Me Made March gallery here on my website. They consequently garnered comments and compliments, allowing an opening for me to explain the Me Made Project. Thus, successfully raising awareness and provoking thought about our clothing!

My experience last year was lots of fun, but left me missing my jeans. So this year I thought out, designed, and made my dream jeans (which are actually overalls), that I have pledged to wear EVERY DAY. (Do not fear, they will be washed regularly. I have kids with sticky fingers.) They will be paired with only thrifted, vintage or handmade shirts and accessories. This will be challenging in a different way, to keep myself from getting bored of my look, but I might be satisfied enough to wear jeans that are just how I like them.
Some of my complaints with store bought jeans are that they are lower rise than I prefer and if they fit the bum, they are loose in the waist. These characteristics leave me always hiking up my pants, even if I wear a belt. The jeans I made are highwaisted (extra high for my dimensions!), slim cut leg, made with a sailor button closure and front bib overall. The suspenders I made to go with them are a black striped white elastic. With these pants, I can wear all my shirts that are a bit too short without showing off my belly. And I won’t be hiking them up all day!
Special features include contrast corduroy front pockets, and a hand embroidered back pocket. The seams inside are bound in bias tape, so real high quality!!


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