Reworked coat: colourful upgradeNovember 14, 2015

This coat upgrade was a selfish sewing project, to uplift my spirits with some of my favourite colours, and prepare myself for the impending winter season. It’s transformation began with a broken zipper that needed replacing. I will tell you, replacing zippers is my very least favourite sewing task, especially in a heavy coat. So I will admit, the first phase of this fix was a shoddy bandaid solution, which involved cutting the zipper teeth off very close to the fabric (instead of stitch ripping it out) and hand stitching a new zipper to the front. It didn’t work out well, so when I decided to take the time to do it properly, I got inspired to REALLY fix this coat. After actually ripping the original broken zipper out and sewing a new one in, I continued improving on my new winter coat.

I adjusted the fit in the back waist by adding some pleats and a small piece of belt I had started to cover with variegated rainbow yarn. It gives the coat a more shapely silhouette, and puts to use this labour intensive piece of colourful hand stitching. (The story behind the belt: I had originally planned to cover a dingy white slide buckle belt with needlepoint, and use it as a full belt again, but it turned out to be very difficult to stitch because the belt was SO thick, and it hurt my fingers and hand muscles. So I quit, hoping I would find a use for the bit of stitching that I did complete. So here we are!)
The original light pink lining fabric was starting to break down, and it was very dirty, with some marker writing on the back. I went looking for red quilted lining to replace it, but this beautiful mustard yellow caught my eye and is a little more unexpected. Also, the batting is obviously made from recycled textiles instead of new white polyester fibres, so I feel good about that. After stitch ripping out the dirty pink, I used it to cut an identical pattern from the yellow.



I am very pleased with this coat upgrade, as it fits better, functions better, displays some difficult hand work that I am proud of, and reflects my personal colourful taste to cheer me up every time I need to step out into the frigid cold. It feels like a brand new coat that I would never be able to find mass produced.


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