Sewing Workshops at Rebel Waltz TattooFebruary 6, 2016

Do you have a pile of clothes that you would like to wear, but don’t quite fit right?
Do you have a regular problem with the sizing of mass produced clothing?
Are you bored with the fabrications that are offered in stores, and put off by the poor quality in construction?
Join me for an evening or a few of sewing practice, and leave with something new to wear or use! Chip away at those alterations that need to get done. Repair your favourite well worn garments. Learn ways to alter clothing to make it smaller or bigger in size. Use a commercial pattern or make your own custom fit design. Make something that you will use and love, and reduce your demand on the mass clothing market.

I hope to make accessible the skills and means to be more self sustainable. Even if you have your own machine, sometimes there is just no space to set up and get things done. Ever thankful to Rebel Waltz Tattoo for the use of basement space, I have a changing area and full mirror for fitting, a large cutting table to lay out fabrics, a selection of thread, scissors, handsewing needles, stitch rippers, and other things, to help you get your projects done.
If you have no machine or materials but just want to learn and practice sewing, I have a selection of knit and woven fabrics to make almost anything you want. Please email me beforehand if you want to make something specific, so I can be sure to have what you might need.

fix holes


remove old bumpy zippers


make sleeves into pockets


use old tshirts, one or many




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